Oct 052015

fairtradeIf your experience of Fairtrade produce is some bland coffee or tea, then maybe it’s time to think again. There is now no shortage of quality products, even beyond tea and coffee, that carry the Fairtrade mark.

Even better, why not spread the word about how good Fairtrade products are, and how they benefit producers, by having a coffee morning or afternoon tea dedicated to Fairtrade products. Make sure to get everyone involved as well. Here’s one from a little earlier in the year:

A hectic but successful Coffee Afternoon was held in East & Old Parish Church, Forfar. It was a joint venture between E & O and Primary 3 youngsters from Strathmore Primary School for which Rev Barbara Ann Sweetin is Chaplain. The young people had made chocolate crispy cakes, with – of course – Fairtrade chocolate. One popular feature was the dunking of banana chunks into a chocolate fountain. There was also a Fairtrade themed presentation with posters and garlands made from labels taken from Fairtrade produce. A good turnout of parents, grandparents and church folk enjoyed all of this. There was home baking on sale, too, some of it made from recipes produced by Angus Fairtrade Zone Steering Group. In the space of an hour over £300 was raised, money which went to Strathmore Primary School. The teachers were delighted that the young people had made such a great start on their Eco-awareness journey.

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